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Post by Admin on Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:31 am

Rules of the forum.

1. Common courtesy is expected from all members. Rudeness or anything worse will lead to suspension or immediate banning by the administration. Rude words are allowed in general conversation but un-necessary excessive explicitness will be not allowed. Strong language of any kind directed at a fellow member is not allowed.

There is ONE TOP RULE. NO ONE is allowed abuse another poster. Its NOT up for debate.
Disagree YES - but abuse? NO.

ANYONE that abuses, insults, sneers, bullies or tries to intimidate another poster here? They are out of here and banned. If anyone feels this is an infringement of their right to free speech - so be it - but this forum will NOT tolerate personal abuse. Anyone that has to use personal abuse, they won't be allowed to remain here.

Please do not post spam or post anything advocating/celebrating the use of violence. Such posts will be removed IMMEDIATELY when reported, along with the poster.

2. This is a religion free speech forum. In other words, all subjects are currently open to debate including religion. Religion is special however in that - if in any way shape or form - if such discussions lead to one being advertised, advocated as better over another - persons involved will be banned and their posts removed completely.
The subject of religion on other forums has proved to be one of contention continuously. As such there will be no posting of religious advocating or PR spinning material, subjects, etc, without prior permission from Admin.
Anyone breaking this rule will be banned right way.

The one exception to the rule is Scientology. The administration does not regard this "cult" as a true religion. Instead its viewed as a money grabbing, tax avoiding, government and agency infiltrating, family dividing, bullying organisation.
A genuine religion it is NOT! This is easy discoverable when a person researches why it applied for religion status.
If anyone wants to spin Scientology, they are free to post here but they will have to accept the opposition etc that will come in response - and the point by point rebuttals that will clearly show what a pile of invented junk it is!

3. No explicit photographs that can be considered pornographic in regard to children in ANY state of undress or revealing costume, etc. Anything considered "risky" will be brought to the attention of proper legal authorities if necessary.

NO QUESTIONS ASKED OR HESITATION - the material will be reported!
4. Absolutely no posting of links to illegal obtained software, music or other copyrighted material.
Items clearly free of copyright and their related download links, are allowed to be shared here, as is other locations (sites) of material copyright free. Warez sites are NOT to be mentioned here. Breaking this rule will lead to immediate banning of the persons involved.

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